Statutory Notice

Have You Received A Statutory Notice (Edinburgh)?

Should you receive a statutory notice or other repair order on your building we can help you. These are normally brought about by a visit from local authority officers, who place the order on your building in the interests of public safety. The public can report buildings to the local authority too.

Statutory notices are due to be re-introduced in the coming months, and it makes a lot of sense to prepare for this now. If you are at all concerned that your building may pose any kind of threat to public safety, please get in touch with us for some free advice on the best way forward.

Stonemasonry based causes of Edinburgh Statutory Notice orders are flaking or loose pieces of stone and older cement based repairs which are breaking up and starting to fall from the host masonry, loose pointing mortar, etc. etc. Larger stone walls etc., that may be in need of stone repairs or rebuilding.

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They can also be for unsafe looking chimneys or pretty much anything at height which may look suspect. Boundary walls can also attract such an order if in poor condition.

Should you receive such an order, you will have a limited amount of time to fix the problem, after which time the council will take over the repair and you will have little or no say over costs involved or contractor choice, as well as a hefty maintenence charge from the council which can run into thousands of pounds.

We can save you from this considerable hassle and cost by dealing with us direct.

If required, we can in the short term make the building safe for you and the public by having our stonemasons removing loose stone etc. from the building, allowing time to organise yourself for the larger works ahead, secure in the knowledge the building is safe. For your free public safety survey, please call us on 0131 447 0003.

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