If you’re looking for Fife Stonemasons, then rest assured that you have found the very best in Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons.

We have been providing stonemason services across the historic county of Fife for over 25 years from Glenrothes, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy to St Andrews, Cowdenbeath and Rosyth and everywhere inbetween.

As leading Fife stonemasons we have built up a reputation for providing comprehensive and cost-effective stonemason services in Fife and you can be assured that you are dealing with industry experts who are both experienced and highly qualified. Whatever you need, from stone building and lime pointing to chimney repair and stone repairs, you can be assured that you are in the hands of experts.

Our Fife stonemason services include:

Stone Building Fife

As leading Fife stonemasons, we can undertake any stone building work that you require, wherever you are in Fife. Stonemasons employed by ourselves are all highly experienced and fully qualified and can work on projects large or small. This can range from building or rebuilding walls, chimneys or stairways to constructing stone paths, patios or driveways. We can even construct stone buildings from scratch should you so require. As time-served craftsmen, you can rest assured that we only use the finest lime mortar in all our Fife stone building projects along with the very best traditional stone building techniques.

Lime Pointing Fife

Here at Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons we are Fife lime pointing specialists. Working on stonework across the Fife region, we are often called upon to use our specialist skills to repoint stonework on an array of Fife buildings. Stone needs to be repointed for two main reasons. Firstly, because of decay. If the original lime mortar has decayed over time it is usually due to the harsh effects of the Fife weather and/or poor maintenance. The other reason is if the wrong mortar has been used. Only lime mortar should be used with stone, anything else can cause significant problems as they do not allow the wall to ‘breathe’. Our Fife lime pointing experts will soon have your stonework looking fantastic again ready to withstand the elements.

Chimney Repairs Fife

We are the leading Fife chimney repair service and have been repairing chimneys across Fife for over 25 years. Chimney maintenance may not the the first thing you think of when maintaining your home but it is essential as a defective chimney can cause a whole host of problems as well as being potentially dangerous. Here at Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons, our time-served stonemasons have worked on chimney repairs across Fife on a whole host of type of building. From stone supply and rebuilding to lime pointing and chimney replacement, we offer cost-effective and reliable Fife chimney repairs.

Stone Repairs Fife

Looking for expert stone repairs in Fife? Here at Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons we have been offering stone repairs Fife-wide for over 25 years. We offer a comprehensive stone repair service that consists of three main methods:

  • Stone replacement
  • Part Indenting
  • Lithomex stone repairs

Stone replacement and part indenting individual stone pieces both replace stone with stone whereas the Lithomex stone repairs use a lime base colour match to repair the stone. Our expert Fife stone repairers will asses your stonework and work with you to provide a solution that is best for you wall and at a price that is very competitive. You can be assured that everever you are in Fife, using our expert local stone repair services will ensure that your stone gets the very best treatment.

Stone Wall Repairs

Here at Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons we offer expert Fife stone wall repairs across the region. Whatever type of stone wall you have, failure to maintain it or repair it when needed can be disastrous. However, even if you wall is close to extinction, our expert Fife stonemasons are able to use their years of experience and stonework qualifications to bring your stone wall back to its original state. Our Fife stone wall repair services are cost effective and only use the very best traditional techniques and materials, ensuring that your stone wall is restored to its former glory. We do this through three main methods:

  • Replacing eroded stone – The simplest type of repair is to replace eroded stones with new or reclaimed stone and repoint with lime mortar
  • Repointing with lime mortar – Some walls simply need repointing with lime mortar to bring them back to their former pristine condition.
  • Complete re-build – In more severe cases, walls may need stripping and rebuilding to ensure that they are safe, reliable and structurally sound.

Our Other Stonemason Services in Fife

Our Fife Stonemasons offer a wide range of other services. These include:

  • The supply, installation and repair of stone patios
  • The supply, installation and repair of stone paths
  • Stone waterproofing
  • The removal and repair of load bearing walls
  • All types of stone structural work

Why Choose Our Fife Stonemason Services?

  • We offer no obligation, free fixed-fee quotes
  • We’ve been providing stonemasons services in Fife for over 25 years
  • All of our stonemasons are City and Guilds qualified and have extensive experience in all types of stonework.
  • Our highly experienced Fife stonemasons have worked on a huge variety of stonework all across Fife.
  • Our stonemasons are fully trained in the traditional methods of stonemasonry including the use of natural lime mortars.
  • You’re guaranteed the very best Fife stonemason services as well as the very best in transparent, friendly and attentive customer care.

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Why Choose Us:

  • We have over 30 years hands-on experience as stonemasons
  • We have a full range of expert stonemasonry and sandstone restoration skills
  • We only use lime mortar for re-pointing, sandstone repairs and building work
  • We choose our team based on the quality of their work and quality of their character
  • Flexible Quoting: we come at a time that suits you, even on the same day if required

Stone Repairs

Do your stones’ need repairing due to weathering and old age? If so, we can bring them back to new again. As stonemasons Edinburgh, we can offer you two effective methods for repairing your stones, which are part Indenting and lithomex.

Lime Pointing

Properly executed Lime Repointing of masonry using lime mortars is critical to the long term health of stone structures. It is strongly advised that repointing is carried out using proper lime mortars & correct technique and preparation.

Church Stone Repairs

Repairs to churches call on every type of stonemasonry skill imaginable, including stone replacement, stone restoration, stone carving and lime pointing. We are able to carry out the stonemasonry restoration of our city’s churches.

Wall Repairs

Repairing a wall takes great expertise, and as one of Edinburgh’s longest standing stonemasons, we have the know how to repair or rebuild your wall the correct way. We only use lime mortars in our building, pointing and restoration work.

We very recently had Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons carry out major repair works to our main arched window at the front of our Church. I can honestly say they did a fantastic job in securing a very shaky window, which I am pleased to say is now as solid as a rock. James and his team carried out this complex work with utmost professionalism and a minimum of fuss. The stonemasons were at all times polite and very respectful of their place of work. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Edinburgh and Lothians Stonemasons stonemasons and will be using them for any future stone repairs to the church.

Peter Coulson, Gorebridge Parish Church