Stone Repairs Edinburgh

Employing a quality Edinburgh masonry repair company becomes necessary when your building’s stone becomes weakened.  This weakening can be caused by age, weathering, old concrete mortar, and damage from trees, or accident.

If a stone becomes loose, it can be a hazard to anyone walking underneath.  The stone may stand out and look out-of-place, and this stone will weaken the walls helping erosion of the mortar spread to other stones.

So repairing any of these stones is necessary for the safety, strength and aesthetic of your walls.

How our stone restoration services bring your old stonework back to life:

When your old stonework is looking tired and weathered form years of exposure, it’s time to breathe life back into your existing prestigious homes’ stone. We’ve designed our Edinburgh stone restoration and repair services to give you an authentically clean, tidy finish.

We can offer you three effective methods for restoring your stonework:

  1. Full Stone Replacement.
  2. Part Indenting of Individual Stone Pieces.
  3. Lithomex Stone Repairs’

The first two restorative methods are about replacing stone with stone. The third is about rebuilding your stone using a lime-based colour-matched repair mortar.

Both methods give excellent long lasting results.

Full Stone Replacement:

Full Stone Replacement

Full stone replacement is where a defective stone piece, such as a window cill or lintol, is cut out and discarded.  A brand new sandstone piece is shaped to match the existing piece and fitted in its place.

This is a premium repair and the most expensive. However, this type of repair will last at least a century.

We can replace any type of stone using this method.  From a small flat stone piece to an intricately carved piece and everything in between.

It is normally recommended that any eroded structural stones, such as lintols and mullions, are replaced rather than restored.  We will of course advise you on the best method for your particular building.

Part Indenting:

Part Indenting

Part indenting is where we replace a missing part of your stones’ structure with another piece of stone. We choose the new piece to match exactly the existing stones’ colour and texture for a seamless finish.

Our part indenting process is to:

  1. Cut out part of your stone
  2. Replace with the new piece of stone
  3. Fix in place using an epoxy resin-type adhesive
  4. Dress to match the existing stone

The result is a natural finish that fits flawlessly back into your existing stonework. Part indenting of masonry is a less expensive stone repair than a full replacement.

But as we are replacing stone with stone, there is no doubt that it is a quality repair.

Lithomex Stone Repairs Edinburgh:

Lithomex Stone Repairs Edinburgh

Lithomex stone repair is where we use a lime-based mortar instead of a piece of stone to mend your old stonemasonry saving you time and money. We mould the lithomex to rebuild your broken stone toward a perfect finish.

Our Lithomex process is to:

  1. Apply lithomex lime mortar to form required stone profile
  2. Rub down the almost dry lime mortar using abrasive pads

The result is a perfect stone repairs Edinburgh finish that impeccably restores your old stone with an authentic look for a fraction of the cost of part indenting or full replacement.

Professional stonework repair advice:

James Allan Stonemasons (Edinburgh) will always advise you on the correct stone restoration, repair or replacement strategy for your particular building.

Free samples available:

We have the facility whereby we can carry out a sample stone repair in Edinburgh, Midlothian or Borders, etc., for you to see before you commit to larger works. 

For More Information On Stone Repairs & A Friendly Chat, Call Us Today On: 0131 447 0003 Or Email Us Here.

Why Choose Us:

  • We have over 30 years hands-on experience as stonemasons
  • We have a full range of expert stonemasonry and sandstone restoration skills
  • We only use lime mortar for re-pointing, sandstone repairs and building work
  • We choose our team based on the quality of their work and quality of their character
  • Flexible Quoting: we come at a time that suits you, even on the same day if required

Stone Repairs

Do your stones’ need repairing due to weathering and old age? If so, we can bring them back to new again. As James Allan Stonemasons (Edinburgh), we can offer you two effective methods for repairing your stones, which are part Indenting and lithomex.

Lime Pointing

Properly executed Lime Repointing of masonry using lime mortars is critical to the long term health of stone structures. It is strongly advised that repointing is carried out using proper lime mortars & correct technique and preparation.

Church Stone Repairs

Repairs to churches call on every type of stonemasonry skill imaginable, including stone replacement, stone restoration, stone carving and lime pointing. We are able to carry out the stonemasonry restoration of our city’s churches.

Wall Repairs

Repairing a wall takes great expertise, and as one of Edinburgh’s longest standing stonemasons, we have the know how to repair or rebuild your wall the correct way. We only use lime mortars in our building, pointing and restoration work.

Chimney Repairs

On average, we have been repairing 10 chimneys in Edinburgh per year over the last 30 years. This means we will carry out your chimney repairs with attention to detail and a high level of mastery.

We very recently had James Allan Stonemasons (Edinburgh) carry out major repair works to our main arched window at the front of our Church. I can honestly say they did a fantastic job in securing a very shaky window, which I am pleased to say is now as solid as a rock. James and his team carried out this complex work with utmost professionalism and a minimum of fuss. The stonemasons were at all times polite and very respectful of their place of work. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending James Allan Stonemasons (Edinburgh) and will be using them for any future stone repairs to the church.

Peter Coulson, Gorebridge Parish Church